Mid-career Counselling

People in mid-career positions face challenges that are unique. They have energy, they can handle multiple tasking and yet they feel the need to achieve more and the need to be fulfilled. This is also true for many small and medium entrepreneurs We work closely with individuals with utmost confidentiality who are seeking to break away and break out of their current successes. We can also guide you with the learning opportunities. We can also help you with preparing for crucial interviews.

 Early career selection

The selection of a career is often a perplexing problem for both parents and students. Whether it is about selecting a course after 12th standard or looking for “what to do” after a degree course, the competitive world challenges people. We will help you to ask the right questions and help you to seek your answers. We will let you see the pitfalls and some of the hurdles that you may not see on the chosen paths that may seem very lucrative. We can also help you with preparing for crucial applications and interviews.

 Mentoring for parents

Parents are most stressed when it comes to choice of careers and they often struggle to convince their child. We would offer you alternative paths to discover what your child could be best at. We believe there is no “one field that fits all” and we also believe that you and your child are unique. We let you go through this process with greater peace and joy!!