What was your overall experience of the workshop? What was your most important learning/insight for the future?

  • Leave anger. I will look around myself with love and compassion. This will intern give me a peaceful life.
  • I learnt the human dimensions of life. I feel blessed that I attended this workshop.
  • I learnt how to unleash the potential within me through the various “rasas” Taught me how to focus on every activity I do.
  • Taught me how to focus on every activity I do.
  • I learnt about the importance of rejuvenation, learning processes, provoking thinking, appreciation, sharing and caring.
  • To open up and understand various emotions within. Not to suppress or judge failings. Changed my perception of understanding complex situations and the emotions influencing me.
  • Good. I think we have or infact I have opened up a lot of questions for myself to be answered

What was your experience of the faculty team?

  • The faculty is very good and experienced.
  • The faculty was wonderful.
  • The faculty is very good and talented.
  • Experienced and good involvement
  • Very structured and found clarity in their approach.
  • Very simple, interactive and right.
  • My first training class experience in the form of theatre performance. It made to involve and experience, cherish, examine and explore my feelings, attitude with respect to my personality to be in comfort zone.
  • V. good. The emotional feelings is the most important learning for the future.
  • Be positive with new thoughts

Would you recommend this workshop to any of your colleagues/seniors/juniors/ family members?

  • Yes, I would like to especially like to attend it once again with my family.
  • Yes. If possible will attend with spouse.
  • Definitely I will impress upon the benefits of this program to my colleagues and management.
  • This program is more useful to all individuals
  • Yes, to my colleagues and Seniors, Colleagues and Seniors
  • Definitely Yes.
  • I am going to recommend this workshop to my seniors as well as my family members.

What is your confidence in playing a more effective role in your future? If so mention how?

  • Being peaceful, I will be able to understand the emotions and will be able to take right decisions.
  • Actually I fail to convey my feelings in the right way. This program has taught me how.
  • I would be able to bring in a change in my approach to handling changing environments.
  • Suspending judgement. Deeper insight of roles.
  • Yes. By understanding the roles better.
  • Yes. Understanding others and listening to others.
  • Yes. By involving myself to the given situation.