Corporate Consulting

 Strategic assessment and Policy Support for General and Operational management

We have in-depth experience in holistically analyzing management systems and guiding/supporting managements to leverage their strengths. You will get an independent and impartial mirror view of systems and will be able to address system design level improvements. Examples of management systems are planning systems, selection of metrics, decision making systems, technology management systems, risk management systems, operations and quality management systems, supply chain management systems, performance management, leadership development and talent development systems.

 Organization Behaviour and Organization Development

We bring to organizations the capabilities to observe the individual and group interactions that are crucial to aligning and linking the roles and job design to enhance productivity. We have the understanding of aligning the organization structure and systems to the needs of the operational systems and eliminate wastes and strains in the systems. We independently study and identify the gaps between the “Espoused values and behaviours” and the “theories-in-use” values and behaviours.

 Learning and Development Structures and Systems Design

L&D systems can make a bigger impact on organizations when the facilitative environments are created. Often these impacts are discounted assuming that these are essential systemic characteristics. Chronic wastes (a term used by Juran in Quality systems) are not measured or questioned. When the systemic causes are addressed, L&D initiatives can have breakthrough impact. ILIFESigmoid will use the lessons from Lean and Quality to enhance the quality of learning and the learning environments through organization-specific metrics.

 Leadership Development and Mentoring

Preparing leaders with emotional and conceptual clarity to hold and enhance their roles is a key differentiator of ILIFESigmoid. Our strength is in small group and individual work at CEO and two levels below that, where the pool of future leadership exists. We will enable future leaders to enhance their ability to influence external stakeholders more effectively.

 Interviewing and assessment

We have a vast knowledge and experience of interviewing potential candidates for both starting positions and senior leadership positions. We can conduct in-depth interviews in domain areas with our network of experts. We have the ability to identify cultural fits for organizations, which is crucial for aligning people into the new roles they have to enter .