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ILIFESigmoid – An Introduction

In less than one year, ILIFESigmoid has travelled in significant directions in pursuit of the vision that ILIFESigmoid set for itself:

"To be the Proactive Learning and Development Space".

What gives us satisfaction is the space that we are being given to express ourselves regarding our quest, freshness, passion and unique value that we bring to both professionals and the individuals who experience us.

ILIFESigmoid is a team of practitioners with more than 150 years of cumulative experience in the Indian Industry, both in Public and Private sectors. We have dedicated our careers to developing people to improve individual and organizational effectiveness.

ILIFESigmoid's value is in:

Strategizing Learning and Talent development through independent and insightful assessment of the learning and development needs and
Designing and developing the L&D interventions in terms of direction, depth and scale to create engaging L&D initiatives and roadmaps.
Developing the metrics that will move L&D from quantity to relevant threshold value creation.
Embedding learning as a culture of growth.

ILIFESigmoid inspires unlearning, learning and relearning for individuals and institutions and aims to work towards development of individuals in multiple dimensions such as:

Left and right brained thinking,
Rational and emotional listening,
Connecting the dots from thinking to feeling and action,
Expanding the repertoire of knowledge and capabilities through sustained learning, Thinking, Exploring, Acting in real world.

ILIFESigmoid has experience in working with people from diverse background.

ILIFESigmoid offers the foundations of knowledge - for practicing executives and individuals in the 30s to 50s age group - in the areas of Management and Technology, as well as the emotional abilities to apply the knowledge to the real life work and management situations.

ILIFESigmoid's logo and name clearly show our focus:

"Investing in Individual and organizational Transition".

ILIFESigmoid will engage in enabling people to unlearn and break out of the patterns of their current success paths and sigmoid curves and learn to challenge themselves in the future sigmoid curve at a stage when the investment of their energy and time will give them an edge in preparing for the future.

Those who do not invest adequately and in time, would be left behind in the world that is now being described as a VUCA world where Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity are the order of the day and the world of stability, certainty, simplicity and clarity are a part of history.